Sunday, 26 February 2012

My letter to the Lorraine show - following the show on Friday 24/02/12...

Hello there...

I am not an avid watcher of the Lorraine show, but managed to catch a small portion of Fridays show.

I would like to express my DISGUST at the comments made by the american journalist Guliana Ransic during the 'Oscars' segment.

At what point could Helena Bonham Carter be described as 'VERY PORKY' other than by an emaciated, image obsessed american who is part of a system that destroys the confidence of many women. Now I understand that it is part of Ms Ransics job to be critical and yes clothes and clothing choices should be discussed... however pointed barbs at an individuals body shape are OUT OF ORDER and should not be tolerated under ANY circumstances. Would that Ms Ransic refer to someone as 'very black' or 'very gay' the outcry at such discrimination would be palpable to be heard... a persons body size (especially one so NOT very porky as Helena Bonham Carters) should NEVER be an issue under scrutiny by the media and I hope Ms Ransic is severely reprimanded for her obvious (and yes, she knew what she had said as soon as the words had left her mouth) faux pas.

I am a BBW/Plus Sized model working very hard to promote self esteem and self acceptance within the plus sized community and the discussion of this incident (and others similar from the media as a whole) on my Facebook Fanpage shows how the presentation of attitude from people such as yourself and Ms Ransic becomes prevalent in the minds of those who watch. These attitudes continue to grow and become much distorted in the wider world and lay people of the larger community open to self doubt and bullying... or worse.

I sincerely hope that you will take on board my comments and reply and perhaps even an open and frank discussion about the merits of negative attitudes towards larger people.

Thank you for your time

Rachel Cooper Wherry (Mrs)

Cherry Red Rachy (Alternative BBW Model

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